Ruptured Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy – What Can You do?

Ruptured Ovarian Cyst During PregnancyA ruptured ovarian cyst during pregnancy is bad news for expectant mothers! Your own health and that of your unborn son or daughter could be in danger if you get a ruptured ovarian cyst while pregnancy.

Firstly a rupture can lead to many side effects such as nausea, dizzyness, vomiting, weakness and of course intense pain the the pelvic region.

Secondly a ruptured ovarian cyst can become infected and lead to further complications.

Last but definitely not least a ruptured cyst can directly effect your pregnancy by causing a premature birth or even worse, by directly leading to a miscarriage.

So what can you do with a ruptured ovarian cyst during pregnancy?

The best thing you can do is of course not let it get that far! If you have a large cyst you need to take preventative action to make sure it does not twist or bleed and rupture. This can be done by changing your lifestyle and what you eat to promote hormonal balance which will start to shrink the size of your cyst as the body heals itself.

However if it is too late and you believe you have a ruptured cyst then you need to see a doctor immediately and they will need to do a laparotomy very soon to clean the wound and remove the remains of the cyst to prevent infection and further complications. If you do this soon enough you may be able to avoid some of the possible and horrible outcomes of a ruptured cyst.

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